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Titans S1E4: Doom Patrol

Today we’re talking about our first indulgence of the live-action Doom Patrol as they’re introduced in a crossover episode of Titans!

Doom Patrol Within DC Animation

Today we’re talking about all the appearances of Doom Patrol in DC Animated Television! #WereAllTheDoomPatrol

Suicide Squad Minute 1: House of the Rising Squad

A couple title cards, a main character, and some “loaf”. Let’s begin our analysis of Suicide Squad!

Bonus Episode: MxM Denver Live Show

Today we’ll be discussing what we consider to be the best individual minutes of DC Animation! Recorded live at the Bug Theatre in Denver, Colorado! Guest Commentator: Peter The Retailer

Bonus Episode: TRANSFORMERS vs. G.I. JOE Vol. 1

On today’s lost session we dive into the world of Tom Scioli’s Transformers vs. G.I. Joe saga!

Bonus Episode: INJUSTICE Vol. 1

Another hiatus bonus episode! Today we’re talking all about Injustice Vol. 1!

Pulp Fiction Minute 126: Pasta Cops

Pulp Fiction minute 126 starts with Winston Wolf explaining how they’re going to camouflage the car and ends with the Wolf telling Jules and Vincent to¬†please¬†clean the car.

Bonus Episode: DOOM PATROL Vol. 1

From the archives, we’re bringing you an old episode we dedicated to reviewing Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol!

Pulp Fiction Minute 113: Shoes in a Pool

Pulp Fiction minute 113 starts with mysterious Seinfeld man getting ready to shoot at Jules and Vincent, and ends with Marvin having an emotional breakdown.

Dawn of Justice Minute 79: Chaff It Up

Batman is forced to end his pursuit of KGBeast after the Batmobile slams into a steel wall that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Guest Commentator: Crystal Beth

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