Tarantino Minute

Reservoir Dogs Minute 60: Death Clown

Reservoir Dogs minute 60 starts with more pleading from Marvin for his life and ends with Mr. Orange reloading his gun.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 59: Boot n’ Rally

Reservoir Dogs minute 59 starts with Mr. Blonde entering the warehouse and ends with Marvin the cop pleading for his life.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 58: Ambient Torture

Reservoir Dogs minute 58 starts with Mr. Blonde wiping his hands off again and ends with Mr. Blonde walking back towards the warehouse from his car.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 57: Watch Your Head

Reservoir Dogs minute 57 starts with our police officer Marvin Nash moaning and groaning and ends with Mr. Blonde maniacally laughing.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 56: Reverse Sweeney Todd

Reservoir Dogs minute 56 starts with Mr. Blonde taking a razor out of his boot and ends with Blonde finding his singing voice.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 55: Held At Gunpoint

Reservoir Dogs minute 55 starts with Mr. Blonde telling the truth to Marvin and ends with Mr. Blonde laughing.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 54: Who’s the Boss

Reservoir Dogs minute 54 starts with Marvin saying he doesn’t “know anything about a set up” and ends with Mr. Blonde picking up a roll of duct tape.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 53: That’s No Skip

Reservoir Dogs minute 53 starts with Eddie & Co. leaving the warehouse and ends with Mr. Blonde playing Mr. Funny Guy with Marvin.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 52: What Did He Say?

Reservoir Dogs minute 52 starts with Mr. White talking about the Flintstones and ends with Eddie saying that he is afraid of his Daddy.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 51: Ghost Door

Reservoir Dogs minute 51 starts with Eddie telling Mr. Blonde to watch over Mr. Orange and the cop and ends with Mr. Pink saying that he thinks Mr. Blonde is alright now.

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