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Tarantino Minute

Jackie Brown Minute Week 1: Across 110th Street

Tarantino Minute is back baby! We’re covering Jackie Brown 5 minutes at a time on a weekly schedule! This week we’re covering minutes 1-5 of Quentin Tarantino’s 3rd movie ” Jackie Brown”. Jackie is on a moving walkway to catch… Continue Reading →

Jackie Brown Minute 0: Street Life

We’re back! After a long hiatus we return to our microphones to cover Jackie Brown 5 minutes at a time! New format! New movie! New outlook on life! Same banter! We’ll be back this fall with full episodes of Jackie… Continue Reading →

Pulp Fiction Minute 155: Reflections

That’s a wrap! We finish Pulp Fiction reflecting on episode 5 of Pulp Fiction minute and about the movie as a whole. Be sure to stay tuned through the entire episode to learn about the next movie Jackie Brown! See… Continue Reading →

Pulp Fiction Minute 154: Commentary Part 4

We analyze episode 4 of Pulp Fiction Minute! We start winding down and reflect on our time with this movie.

Pulp Fiction Minute 153: Commentary Part 3

We analyze (not really) episode 3 of Pulp Fiction Minute! Tips on what to do at Disney and other stories from the front.

Pulp Fiction Minute 152: Commentary Part 2

We continue down the road of narcissism with Pulp Fiction minute 2 commentary! Things start getting a bit off the rails, but what do you expect?

Pulp Fiction Minute 151: Commentary Part 1

Welcome to the final week of Pulp Fiction Minute! All week we will be commentating over week 1 of Pulp Fiction Minute! It gets a little hectic at times, but we thought it was just ridiculous enough for us to… Continue Reading →

Pulp Fiction Minute 150: Coffee Makes What?

The final big minute of the Pulp Fiction! We made it all the way through the movie! Thank you for making the journey with us and sticking with us all the way through the movie. In typical fashion, Nate tells… Continue Reading →

Pulp Fiction Minute 149: The Tyranny of Evil Men

Minute 149 of Pulp Fiction starts with Jules telling Ringo that he represents the weak, and ends with Honey Bunny and Pumpkin leaving the diner.

Pulp Fiction Minute 148: Making a Meme

Minute 148 of Pulp Fiction starts with Jules finishing up his bible verse, and it ends with Jules dissecting who is who in the bible verse.

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