Tarantino Minute

Pulp Fiction Minute 10: Paula Abdul Taught Me That

We discuss a theory that changes the way we see Vincent Vega and Nate gets into his Paula Abdul obsession.

Pulp Fiction Minute 9: Trunk Shot Pt. 2

The guys get into buying alcohol in a movie theater and the classic Tarantino “Trunk Shot”

Pulp Fiction Minute 8: Doppelganger

Minute 8 of Pulp Fiction we get into the difference between USA and Amsterdam (Europe I guess).

Pulp Fiction Minute 7: Stein vs. Stein

Pulp Fiction minute 7 continues with the title card sequence and Mark figures out how to pronounce last names.

Pulp Fiction Minute 6: Surreal World

In minute 6 of Pulp Fiction we get some title credits and we dive into the Arquette family!

Pulp Fiction Minute 5: Time-Robbers

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny whip out their guns to rob the diner and the title cards start a rollin’.

Pulp Fiction Minute 4: Federal Banks

The young couple talk about the pros and cons of robbing restaurants vs. federal banks.

Pulp Fiction Minute 3: Grandpa Irving

The young couple continue their conversation about who to rob and the moral implications that go along with it.

Pulp Fiction Minute 2: Robot Urkel

The young couple gets another cup of coffee while they talk about robbing banks.

Pulp Fiction Minute 1: No More Warehouses

Tarantino Minute finally returns for Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 masterpieceĀ Pulp Fiction. Minute 1 introduces a young man and young woman discussing some risky business.

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