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Reservoir Dogs Minute 99: THE END

The final minute of Reservoir Dogs! Thank you to all of our listeners and for sticking with us through the run of this movie. We definitely had our ups and downs, so thank you for coming along with us for… Continue Reading →

Reservoir Dogs Minute 98: Sandwiches

Reservoir Dogs minute 98 continues with more credit sequence wrap up.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 97: Total Sense

Reservoir Dogs minute 97 starts and ends with even more credits but we get into some theories about the film as well.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 96: Live & Let Die

Reservoir Dogs minute 96 starts with Mr. White and Mr. Orange being blown away and ends with the start of the credits.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 95: Fool Me Twice

Reservoir Dogs minute 95 starts with Mr. Orange apologizing to Mr. White and ends with Mr. White straining himself.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 94: Intimate Death

Reservoir Dogs minute 94 starts with Mr. White crawling to Mr. Orange and ends with Mr. White holding Mr. Orange’s head in his lap.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 93: Illegal Swords

Reservoir Dogs minute 93 starts with Mr. Pink crawling out from safety and ends with Mr. White crawling over to Mr. Orange.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 92: Mexican Standoff

Reservoir Dogs minute 92 starts with Eddie getting pissed at Mr. White and ends with bodies hitting the floor.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 91: Won’t Be Fooled Again

Reservoir Dogs minute 91 starts with Joe figuring the ruse out and ends with everyone pulling out their guns.

Reservoir Dogs Minute 90: “Tie Talk”

Reservoir Dogs minute 90 starts with Eddie telling everyone what Mr. Blonde did time for and ends with Joe entering the warehouse.

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