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Pulp Fiction Minute 24: Caribbean Shutter Island

In minute 24 of Pulp Fiction we go further into the English language and we also discuss the theory of the bandage on the back of Macellus’ neck.

Dawn of Justice Minute 69: Kneel Before Kal!

Batman finds himself chained up when the last son of Krypton makes his descend.

International Minute of Mystery 33: Everything’s Bigger In Texas

In this minute we meet a cowboy and see our favorite assassin again. With special guests Rel and Charlie. Find Rel on Twitter @rellydoo

Pulp Fiction Minute 23: Brett Michaels

Pulp Fiction minute 23 we discuss the speech that Marcellus is giving Butch and how it rings true to this day.

Dawn of Justice Minute 68: Combat Prowess

Batman attempts to fight his way out of this ambush, but the numbers appear to be against him.

International Minute of Mystery 32: a Hot Dog Down a Hallway Situation

In this minute we talk about Italian confidential secretaries and the “little boy’s room”. You can find our special guest, Rel, on twitter @rellydoo

Pulp Fiction Minute 22: Ska Mitzvah

Pulp Fiction minute 22 we’re introduced to Butch and Mr. Marcellus Wallace and we talk about some imagery.

Dawn of Justice Minute 67: The Jig Is Up!

Batman comes out of hiding to meet with other members of his Insurgency, but instead, he is greeted by Superman’s Regime Soldiers.

International Minute of Mystery 31: Charlie Saves The Podcast

In this minute we talk about living dangerously, x-ray vision eye patches, and Richie Cunningham and his wife, Oprah. Special Guest: Rel and her Australian Shepherd, Charlie. Find her on twitter @rellydoo

Pulp Fiction Minute 21: Alternate Bible

In minute 21 of Pulp Fiction we figure out that the entire Tarantino Universe is the way it is because of an alternate bible.

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